Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 41 - Sunday, August 14, 2011

Update Day 41 - 5:40pm - We had both the 50¢ Pick 5 and the 50¢ Place Pick 6. In the last leg of the Place Pick 6 we hit an exacta, so we have the $58.75 twice for $117.50. The Pick 5 (on a BAAAA ticket or one backup and 4 top choices) has winners of $9.20, $10.80, $4.60, $5.80, and $4.80 pays what seems to be a very large $455.95. I guess we should get a higher Tomlinson Rating for wet track ability. Hope you all
were betting today.

I am back in NJ after a week in Saratoga. There is not much more you can say about that. It has been pouring rain here since late last night and it is supposed to rain all day.

All races are off the turf and the main track is sloppy and I am sure will stay that way all day. The 50¢ Pick 5 play is two tiered with an all top choice ticket for $18 and top choices with one backup for $108.

Remember at Monmouth a sloppy track usually favors front runners.
In the 50¢ Place Pick 6 let's try our standard $36 play: 3,10,13 with 4,6,8 with 1,7 with 5,10, with 9, with 4,5.

I hope everyone enjoyed the photos I tweeted from Saratoga @AndyScoggin.


  1. Andy, Thanks for all you do. Love reading this blog. I do have a question. You said you hit the pick5 on Sunday but you did not have the 2 horse in your pick 5 in race 6 on your ticket you posted. Am I missing something?


  2. Thanks, for the post and the e-mail, Insomnia, You are right I did make a mistake on the Pick 5 on Sunday.