Friday, May 13, 2011

RECAP of Thursday's Hollywood Pick 5 Carryover

After an additional $800,000 was poured into the carryover pool at Hollywood Park on Thursday, there was a total of $907,116 up for grabs. The $800,000 was about $150,000 more than what was bet into the pick 6 carryover pot. The popularity of the pick 5 continues to grow.

It turned out to be another exciting pick 5 adventure for AndyScoggin. The all top choice ticket was alive going into the final leg with three horses. The two post time favorites were paying $827 and $1064 for the 50¢ wager and our third horse would have meant $2295. The super hard turf course had an uncovered runner go wire to wire. Thus, three consolation pay-offs brought back $57.90 total. So, that meant a $21.90 profit for the basic Pick 5 play.

I was particularly pleased about the decisions to leave two heavy favorites off of the tickets. In race two Moonstruck Maya gave up the lead in the stretch to one of our top choices. Big favorite Free From My Ex finished off the board in race four.

Monmouth opens Saturday with the low takeout pick 5 on races 6-10. A new place pick 6 starts on race 1 and will also have a 15% takeout. Who knows, we may dabble in the new wager. It will be interesting to see, what the payouts will be and how much interest it stirs up.

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