Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 14 - Friday, June 17, 2011

UPDATE-5:00pm-After missing leg 1 of the pick 6, we went 5 for 5 the rest of the way. That included 2 exactas, so if we had hit the first leg we would have had 4 winning tickets! ARGHHH!

UPDATE-12:15pm-Another scratch, this time the #5 in race 6. So, I will substitute the #4 for the #5 in both the Pick 5 and Pick 6.

-11:08am-Scratch #1 in race 7. Still on the turf, main track is fast. That reduces the Pick 5 to $108. In the Place Pick 6 substitute the #4 in race 7, that play becomes: 4,5 with 2 with 5,6 with 2,4 with 1,2 with 4,6,8. Cost will still be

OK, is everybody all refreshed since Belmont weekend? Good, so let's go get it. In the 50¢ Pick 5 we will use one ticket because it turns out to be basically the same cost as using the backup tickets. Cost will be $144.
In the 50¢ Place Pick 6, where we are still up $172 for the meeting (the summary box is posted in the right margin), the ticket is: 4,5 with 2 with 5,6 with 1,2 with 1,2 with 4,6,8. Cost will be $24.

Don't forget this is Father's Day Weekend. If you have not read my Father's Day blog on, please don't miss it. The blog is being featured in the first HRN e-mail newsletter.

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