Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 61 - Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sixty racing days have gone by at Monmouth and the races have been rather formful the past 15 cards. The Place Pick 6 has been quite profitable in that time period. We have collected on the PP6 seven times for a positive cash flow of $408.65. For the entire meeting AndyScoggin has hit the blogged PP6 ELEVEN times for a profit of $175.05. I hope you have hit at least a few of these PP6's. We have about ten more racing days left at the Jersey Shore.

Preliminary ticket for Sunday: 6,9 with 1A,3 with 1,5 with 1/1A,3,7 with 5,9 with 1,3,6. This play is over budget, so we will need to see if any scratches reduce the ticket. Otherwise we will have to cut a horse.

Final ticket for $36: 6,9 with 1A,3 with 1,5 with 1/1A,3,7 with 9 with 1,3,6.

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