Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 56 - Saturday, September 24, 2011

I had a quick a fternoon at the races today watching from Favorites in Woodbridge. Races six through nine at Belmont were run on a very sloppy main track or soft boggy turf course. It was all very rushed and I am only writing because I did quite well due to NYRA's expe rt in the paddock, Maggie Wolfendale. She is flat out amazing. Maggie only commented on three of those races but gave out two $11.00 winners. I bet both to win and then caught a trifecta because of her advice. If you are playing the NYRA tracks you must listen to what she has to say! Here is a link to an article that a Tweep of mine @loomsboldy wrote about Maggie. Pete is awesome, so enjoy.

At Monmouth Saturday's races are already off the turf, so now begins the task of trying to guess who will stay in those races.

Saturday, 9:30am - Here are some preliminary thoughts about today's Place Pick 6. Because of the rain, no turf racing, and the probability of many scratches, I am going to start out with a very broad ticket that will be narrowed down before the fourth race goes off. An asterisk * will mark preferred choices.

9 with 1,2,6,7* with 6*,9*,11 with 4,9*,10 with 11,13,14 with 2,4

Be back later with updates to the ticket.

Update - 1:55pm - After scratch $36 ticket:
9 with 1,6,7 with 9,11,12 with 9,10 with 11,14 with 2,4

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