Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 24 - Friday, July 8, 2011

Thank you to my readers. AndyScoggin in NJ just got its 2,000th hit. Today at Monmouth in the 50¢ Place Pick 5: 5,10 AE, (9, if AE scratches) with 1,4,5 with 3, 8 with 4,9 with 11 with 1,2,3. That is a $36 play. I am heading down to Monmouth today and I will post a Pick 5 play when I get there. I will also be posting some live updates during the day.

One ticket for the Pick 5 with a cost of $72.
Good luck. We are due to cash one today.

2:25pm-update-Great start in the Place Pick 6 where we caught a first leg exacta with both the 5 and 9 placing. That means that if we survive the whole way we will have 2 winning tickets! The AE 10 did not make the race so we used the 9 horse.

3:55pm-update-Good news we are alive in both the Pick 5 and Pick 6, but all races have come off the turf which means those races become ALL bets, meaning all horses count as a win. Obviously that reduces the payouts. In the Pick 6, leg 5 is ALL and we have the 1,2,3 in the last leg. In the Pick 5, legs 3 and 5 are ALL and we have 2,3,4 in leg 4.

6:03-update-What a strange day. It turns out we hit both the Pick 5 and Place Pick 6. The Place Pick 6 paid $40.50, but we had it twice for a collect of $81 - $36 = $45 profit. The pick 5 included 2 ALL legs in which we had 2 tickets each. The 3/4/ALL/2/ALL paid $71.30, but we had it 4 times for $285.20 - $72 - $213.20 profit.

AndyScoggin also had the Early Pick 4. I guess that means that today AndyScoggin hit the Pick 4, Pick 5, and Pick 6. I should have bet the Pick 3! LOL!

It was an unusual day for multirace wagering at Monmouth today.

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