Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 35 - HASKELL DAY - July 31, 2011

Here is the preliminary look at the HASKELL card. I will be back throughout the day as long as I can find space in the press box. Most days there are only 2 writers, me and a DRF guy, but I am sure it will be a zoo on Sunday. I don't know the pecking order and the protocol, so who knows what will happen.

Pick 5: 2 with 1,3,7 with 2,8,10 with 2,8,9 with 3,8.

Place Pick 6: this is a huge ticket that I will let you trim as you please, but the payoffs have been enormous the past several days, so I may really go after it today. (2),5,9 with 2,3,4,7 with 2,8 with 1,(3),7 with 2,8,10 with 2,8,9.


  1. good luck today! Is the Place Pick 6 supposed to be Pick 6? I do not see the "Place" Pick 6 at MonMouth today.

  2. Yes, Insomnia they just call it the Pick 6, Even the mutuel clerks at Monmouth do not know it as the Place Pick 6 you have to call it the Pick 6 when you bet. Good luck today!

  3. Thanks! I assume the parentheses is your best bet? (2)

  4. Insomnia, parentheses are I might include them!